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Time Travel – Memories From Childhood

When I was younger my family and I would take road trips almost every summer to different places. Some years we couldn’t really go to far so we’d visit places like Lake Placid or Ithaca. Other years we’d go to Washington DC or Boston. I can barely remember most of these places, the unfortunate thing about growing up. But there are some memories that will never leave me.

Washington D.C.

I remember visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. What I remember most, though, is my brother getting sick off of bad ham that he put into this ramen and then getting food sick. We later went out to eat sushi and, although he was sick, he still ate it. And of course promptly emptied the contents of his stomach. The other thing I remember? Our motel was right next to the train tracks. I went again during my 8th grade trip, but nothing nearly as memorable happened.

Boston, MA

I don’t remember much from here I think I was pretty young, but I do remember going to the witch hunt museum, or whatever it’s called in Salem. And I remember I had written a report on Boston and how I wanted to live there. Why? Because it had a big pool.

Toronto, ON

I was a little older when I went here and it was my first trek out of the US. It was in Toronto that I had my first taste of Indian food, which just so happened to be Baingan Bharta. I fell in love with Indian food then, but it wasn’t for awhile that I found something that was even comparable. Oh yeah, we also went to the top of the CN Tower. But that wasn’t as life changing as the Baingan Bharta, let me tell you.

Montreal, Quebec

I don’t really think we spent a lot of time here, but it was really nice from what I remember. The streets were clean, the architecture was delightful and we just so happened upon the gay quarter of Montreal. I remember we were eating some snack at an outdoor cafe and my mom was commenting on all the good looking guys. Then she realized that all the good-looking guys were holding hands. It must have been a bit of a disappointment. It’s the first time that I attributed rainbows to the gay community.

Corning, NY

I’ve been to this little town twice and both times I went to the same place, the Corning Glass Museum. The first time I just walked around looking at all the nice pieces of art. The second time was for school and I actually made a glass bead and a glass flower. It was pretty cool! I didn’t really spend too much time here and from what I could tell there wasn’t too much to see in the rest of the town.

Niagara Falls

As close as I lived to Niagara Falls, I had only gone there once in my life. And really, once is probably all you need. Sure, it’s impressive, but it’s not really the prettiest waterfall I’d seen. In fact, having lived for a bit in Ithaca, I can say that I’ve seen far nicer waterfalls. Still, I guess I get to say I saw it. It’s best to see the Canadian side as that’s the largest waterfall of the three.

Ithaca, NY

This is perhaps the one place that our family visited more often than Syracuse. And for good reason. The scenery is fantastic. It’s probably one of the prettiest places in New York with all the waterfalls and lakes. There’s, of course, Taughannock Falls and the lesser known Treman State Park. There’s also Caguyaga Lake if you happen to get tired of looking at amazingly beautiful waterfalls.


I know there’s more, I just can’t remember them all!


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