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Travel Destination: Lexington, KY

Bourbon Whiskey Warehouse

One warehouse can store up to 20,000 barrels of Bourbon

I had a lot of people ask me why I was going down to Kentucky. In fact, I was starting to wonder that myself. Did I really want to go to a bunch of Bourbon distilleries in the course of two days. I had just learned that I didn’t get Columbus Day off so sadly we had to make the trip back on Sunday (a ten hour drive). I felt bad because I couldn’t drive so my friend, Jill, had to drive all the way down and back both days. That’s a lot of driving. For some reason, my travel never goes according to plan.

Fail #1: I was planning on taking the last Boltbus down to Philadelphia after work on Friday. The bus was scheduled to come at 8:45pm. The last time that I had planned on taking this bus it had come 15 minutes early, so I showed by 30 minutes early, just in case. It wasn’t too cold outside so I sat waiting with my boyfriend and another lady. 8:45pm comes and goes. No sign of the Boltbus. The other passenger called Bolt and was informed that the bus was running late due to an accident that had occurred at the NJ turnpike. According to them, the bus would arrive in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later no bus. I called again and was told that the bus would be there at 10pm. I couldn’t really afford to wait much longer. We had a long drive ahead of us and Jill was not keen on driving into downtown Philly during the day time. So I did what any person would do after waiting 45 minutes for a bus. I decided to take another mode of transportation. Apparently NJ Transit actually stops at the Philadelphia Penn Station. I was able to catch the last train out there, though my arrival time was pretty late, around 1am. Still, I got there.

Fail #2: After the ridiculous trip down to Philly, there was the fact that Jill and I both had very little sleep. We left at around 9am and in the beginning part of the trip, I got sick. I’m not sure why this happened. Maybe it’s that I’m not used to being in cars or maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t get enough sleep. Maybe it’s both reasons. Either way, 30 minutes into the trip I had to roll down the window and hurl. ¬†Twice. Not a good start to the trip. The entire way to West Virginia I was feeling pretty queasy. After I got some food in my system I started feeling a little better. And once we got to Kentucky I was pretty much doing ok. And then we did the stupid thing. We went out to drink. Now it’s not too bad, but we were out reaaaallly late, like until 3am and we were planning to get up at 7am. I don’t think I drank a whole lot but considering my body condition already and the fact that we didn’t really eat much aside from a sandwich for lunch and grilled cheese for dinner, it was pretty much a recipe for disaster.

Fail #3: Of course after all that, Jill and I were feeling it the next morning at 7am. My stomach was doing flips and my whole body felt tired. I’m surprised we managed to make it to Jim Beam so early in the morning. It was a weird experience for me so I can’t imagine what it was like for Jill driving. It seemed like I was still in a dream. There were no cars on the road and at one point we crossed over a bridge through some pretty thick fog. But we made it. I was feeling ok. Tired, but ok. The tour was informative and the grounds of Jim Beam were all right. And then we had the tasting. I had said I wouldn’t do any, but I saw how little there was and tried a couple samples. BIG MISTAKE. I was able to hold on until me made it to our next destination, I couldn’t even make it to the welcome center bathroom. Despite that, I persevered and forced myself to be attentive during the entire tour. Afterwards we stopped by Heaven Hill where we walked around a little bit. We didn’t go to the tour (because we wouldn’t have enough time to make it to Maker’s and I still felt like crap). Instead we got a little BBQ to eat, which helped me feel a whole lot better.

Keeneland Racetrack

Fail #4: Spent $10 on a horse at Keeneland and he LOST!

Well aside from that I  had a pretty good time and actually enjoyed the majority of the tours. Sure, the actual distillation process is pretty much the same across the board, but each tour was a little different. There was also some pretty delicious places to eat and my two day trip was definitely not boring.


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