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Foodie Alert: Fork in the Road at Country Boy Brewing

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Fork in the Road

Serious Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you’re looking for some delicious food to go along with the home-brewed beer at Country Boy Brewing, then look no further than their parking lot. A variety of food trucks stop there to feed the drunk masses, however our visit allowed us to taste delicious food from Fork in the Road. There you will find traditional fare with a twist and a good dose of butter. There’s nothing better than a hearty meal to go along with that Jalapeño Smoked Porter or Peanut Butter Stout. You just need to travel to Lexington, Kentucky.

There’s not a lot on the menu, but it changes up daily and has a small, but decent selection for appetizers, sandwiches and even dessert. We chose to go with the grilled cheese because, c’mon, grilled cheese. But this was far more than any grilled cheese we could imagine. The bread was well toasted and the right amount of buttery to complement the saltiness of the ham and cheese. The fried egg was just the clincher that brought all of the flavors together. I was hoping for the egg to be a runnier, but I’m happy with any sandwich that incorporates a fried egg. We also ordered a side of fried onion and peppers which were ok. They more or less got forgotten because the sandwich was just so decadent.

Porter and Stout at Country Boy Brewing

Porter on the right, stout on the left

The Fork in Road doesn’t actually have any affiliation with Country Boy Brewing, they just set up shop in their parking lot. Truth be told, it’s not a bad location and a great idea since drunk people equals hungry people. The brewery itself has a great selection of draught and bottle beer. Everything that comes from the tap is home-brewed in the back of the house. We got a private, off hours tour and it’s pretty impressive to see how much beer they can brew in such a small space. We tried the Peanut Butter Stout, which was a nice dark beer, although the peanut taste kind of got lost in the malt. There was also the Jalapeño Smoke Porter that had a nice infusion of spice that blended well with the chocolate flavor of the porter. Definitely was my favorite of the night. We also tried Shotgun Wedding which had a nice floral and citrusy flavor and, of course, the Cougar Bait Ale. I love the name and the flavor was okay, a great beer for those that want something that’s not too crazy.

The crowd is made up of late 20s to early 30s hip kids of Lexington, KY. The atmosphere is pretty laid-back and at no point did it feel dirty or cheap. It’s a nice bar to hang out with friends as the music was never too loud and the seating areas isn’t cramped at all. We were even able to meet a local celebrity, the tip guy Seth Collins!

Country Boy Brewing is located at:

436 Chair Avenue,

Lexington, KY40508

ph: (859) 554-6200

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