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Foodie Alert: Skinny Legs Bar and Grill, St. John’s

After around 3 hours of hiking at the Reef Bay Trail, Jill and I were quite famished. Not surprising considering all we had for breakfast was some trail mix and water. We drove around, admiring the view and making sure that we didn’t hit any stray cows or goats as we made the practically 180 degree turns in the road. We reached Coral Bay and stopped at the first place that we came upon that also had parking – Skinny Legs.

Skinny Legs 2


Skinny Legs is set up in a fairly interesting manner. In the front is the¬†souvenir¬†shop with shirts, cups and the standard nonsense. In the back is a bar/restaurant. Seems like there are plenty of locals and tourists that stop by to grab a cold one and a quick lunch. The minute we sat down, the bartender greeted us with a smile and the menu. The first thing I ordered? A bottle of Corona. Sure, I know it’s not local, but man, Coronas taste the best in a tropical environment. While I’m not a huge fan of girly mixed drinks, the Pink Razz Lemonade was delicious. Tasted just the way I expected and the sweetness hid the alcohol quite well. Dangerously well, in fact. I ordered a burger and soon after began chatting with the couple next to us. They were visiting for the week from Vermont, same as us, and were trying to get us to join them on a sailboat around the area. A man at the end of the bar owned a sailboat and was offering rides for $50/person, certainly not the most expensive offer I’d seen. But, unfortunately, we were on a tight schedule as we were planning to hike the Ram’s Head trail and needed to catch the last boat back to St. Thomas. It was definitely a tempting offer though as I wasn’t particularly looking forward to another long and hot hike.

Skinny Legs

Once the burger came out though, my mouth started salivating immediately. Sure, this could have been that I was simply really hungry after hiking 6 miles, but the smell was just divine. It was a 1/2 pound of delicious beef shaped molded into perfect little patties. I drowned out all other idle chit-chat directed at me. My focus was on the burger. Would it be the correct temperature, would the meat be too singed on the outside? All my questions were answered after that first bite. OH GOD. It was probably the best burger I’d have in, well, forever. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share. The burger was cooked to a perfect medium-well without losing any of it’s juiciness. The outside was perfectly grilled with just the slightest hint of char. And the bread. Super soft, slightly chewy and homemade. I savored that first bite, letting the various flavors of the meat, tomato, onion and lettuce mingle on my tongue. There wasn’t a lot of seasoning, but it didn’t need it. It’s not a fancy burger, it’s just a damn good one. Add onto that the friendly locals and tourists and excellent dockside view, Skinny Legs is just a great hangout spot. I can completely understand why the locals hang out here.

It didn’t take long for me to finish my burger and I was contemplating ordering another one, but remembered that I still had a long hike ahead of me. My belly was full and I was slightly tipsy from my Corona. At that moment, all was right in the world. It’s amazing what a good burger can do for you.

Skinny Legs Bar & Grill

Rte. 10

St John’s, USVI

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