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Travel Experience: 6 Places to Visit on St. John and St. Thomas

If you’re traveling to St. John and St. Thomas, you’re pretty much guaranteed amazing views and beaches regardless of where you go. There are, however, a ¬†handful of places that you should definitely stop by during your visit. Forget Magen’s Bay, it doesn’t have have anything on some of these beautiful beaches.

Lindquist Beach

Linquist Beach St. Thomas

This is, by far, the prettiest beach on St. Thomas. Prettier than Magen’s and Sapphire combined. The water just looks prettier. Maybe it’s because of the soft, white sand or maybe it’s the fact that the waves don’t crash that hard on the beach. Either way, it’s incredibly relaxing. They actually filmed a couple Corona commercials at this location, so you can imagine just how scenic it is. There is a small fee, but you get lockers, a shower and life guards. It’s a hidden gem of a beach. If you’re looking for it, look for a sign that points to Smith Bay.

Ram’s Head Trail

rams head trail st. john

If you don’t mind a hot, steep climb, the Ram’s Head trail will reward you with amazing views of the islands. You’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment after reaching the top. Try to do this hike earlier in the morning as there is hardly any shade protection. You can climb at night, but there are some rather steep steps, so you’ll have to watch your feet. I can’t imagine star-gazing up there, it’s probably super awesome. On the way to the top you’ll get to see the Salt Pond and the blue cobblestone beach.

Reef Bay Trail

Sugar Plantation Ruins at Reef Bay Trail, St. John

Reef Bay Trail is the longest trail on St. John, but it’s also one of the more rewarding. I suggest doing this early in the morning because the walk back from the bottom might be excruciating later on in the day. You get to see several different abandoned sugar plantations, rest at the reflecting pool while gazing at the petroglyphs and dragonflies and relax at the beach at the end of the trail. Both ways, the trail will end up being 6 miles so be sure to pack water and some snacks.

Waterlemon Cay

Sea Turtle Waterlemon Cay St. John

No, not watermelon. Waterlemon Cay is off of Leinster Bay and gives you some of the best snorkeling on the island. There’s a rich coral reef right around the cay and you might be lucky enough to see a sea turtle or sting ray. It’s not easy. You’ll have to hike along the Leinster Bay trail for about a mile or so until you reach the end of the trail. From there the quickest way to the cay is from a rather rocky takeoff point. It’s about a 0.2 mile swim, but it does get difficult as you try to round the cay. Take it slowly and don’t panic. When going back to the landing point, be sure to look out for urchins.

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay St. John

Another great snorkel spot that is beginner friendly. You can also rent snorkel equipment from here as well. The snorkeling is far easier at Trunk Bay and while not nearly as exciting, you can still see plenty of interesting tropical fish. There’s an underwater trail marked by buoys that you follow that marks certain landmarks and also points out specific fish.

Moutain Top

Mountaintop View St. Thomas

At the highest point of St. Thomas is Mountaintop home of the prettiest view of the Caribbean as well as the Banana Daiquiri. There’s a huge tourist shop at the top, which makes sense, but the view is definitely breathtaking. You can see Tortola, St. John’s, Little Tobago and other islands. It’s a spectacular view and the banana daiquiris are all right.

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