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Travel Experience: Roserar de Cervantes

Roserar de Cervantes 3

A rosy sky

It’s funny the things you don’t notice when you are just existing during your everyday life. Sure, you might notice the change of the season thanks to the difference in temperature, but for the most part the more subtle changes, like what flowers are in bloom, completely pass me by. Although I’m not normally the planning type, I did make an itinerary of my trip mainly to appease my fiancee, but also so that I wouldn’t get lost. It was during my research that I discovered there was a rose garden 4 stops away from my hotel the Roserar de Cervantes. Sadly, my trip to Barcelona was just a couple days shy of the international rose competition, but the timing couldn’t have been better. I’m not really one who enjoys dealing with crowds, it makes me feel suffocated so in some ways, I was glad that I was missing the festival. Sure, I wouldn’t be able to get up close with the new roses, but I was happy that I could avoid crowds. According to all of the sites I had visited, the Roserar de Cervantes was not a big tourist location.

Roserar de Cervantes 4

After visiting the park, I have to say that I’m shocked that more tourists do not visit this beautiful park. I had read descriptions that the park was like an ocean of roses. While I wouldn’t say that this description is accurate, the park is simply beautiful. I was lucky enough to arrive when all of the roses were in bloom. Every direction I looked there was a well kept garden patch full of roses of all different shapes and sizes. Some were bred specifically for their gorgeous color and size while others will tantalize you with their elegant perfume. I flitted like a hummingbird from rose to rose, marveling at the variety that existed within this woody perennial. Everywhere I turned, there was a different rose. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. As I slowly made my way through the Roserar de Cervantes, I finally came upon my sanctuary: a secluded path that winded through a series of rose covered trellises. When I entered the walkway, I felt as though I had found the secret entrance to a hidden, fairytale world. The various colored roses obscured my view of the familiar markings of the “real world.” Within my secret passageway, I was embarking on an adventure. The yellow and red roses held promises of a world full of only beauty. Of course, eventually the pathway ended and I was back in Barcelona.

Roserar de Cervantes

I spent another hour nestled underneath a tree snacking on an apple, some cured ham and cheese. The Roserar de Cervantes is a perfect place for a picnic, I only wish I had brought along some wine or beer so that I could fully enjoy the atmosphere. Eventually I had to leave, but I will always carry a little piece of this garden in my memory. Hopefully one day when I have a big backyard I can recreate a fraction of its splendor.

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