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Travel Destination: St. John and St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas view from Blackbeard's Castle

View from the Inn at Blackbeard’s Castle


The warm breeze hits me and that’s when I know, I’m in the Caribbean. This is no place for my sweater. Even in the middle of November the weather is perfect 83 degrees. Paradise? Yes. Everything is like a scene out of a movie. Even the airport is scenic. And of course, the main thing to remember about being on an island, everything moves a little slower. Everyone is on island-time.

After getting our rental Jeep, we soon realized that getting around the island wasn’t as easy as we were expecting. Streets were not labeled and roads that were supposed to connect with each other led to a dead end. We circled around the same way at least ten times before deciding to commit to a route. Eventually, we found our hotel, The Inn at Blackbeard’s Castle. We were greeted by several nudists (we were warned beforehand that there was a nudist party) and led to our room. For $90/night, the room had all the necessities: two beds, air conditioner, shower and toilet. It wasn’t the  most luxurious, but it certainly did the trick. On premise there were also three pools, a bar and also several different sites that we were able to go to for free since we were staying at the hotel: Blackbeard’s castle, 99 steps, Rum Factory, The Amber Museum and more. They’re all fairly close to each other and eventually lead down to Charlotte Amalie for some excellent Duty-Free shopping.

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Photo Journal: Lexington, KY

Chick in Costume


If it hadn’t been for Jill, I most likely never would have gone down to Lexington, KY. I’m glad I did despite the travel mishaps. There was a lot to see and plenty of cool places to go. Besides that, it was also an incredibly scenic place complete with a cute city and gorgeous, wide-open plots of land. It’s such an interesting mix of landscapes and fun people (especially that chick in the superhero outfit), I couldn’t help but like it.

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Top 6 Places to Go to Near Lexington, KY

Lexington Kentucky

You might just be going down to Kentucky for the Bourbon trail, but there’s so much more that the area offers. There are some great bars, food and of course the horse tracks. No trip to Kentucky is complete without seeing at least one race and experiencing what Lexington and the surrounding area have to offer.

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Foodie Alert: Fork in the Road at Country Boy Brewing

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Fork in the Road

Serious Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you’re looking for some delicious food to go along with the home-brewed beer at Country Boy Brewing, then look no further than their parking lot. A variety of food trucks stop there to feed the drunk masses, however our visit allowed us to taste delicious food from Fork in the Road. There you will find traditional fare with a twist and a good dose of butter. There’s nothing better than a hearty meal to go along with that Jalapeño Smoked Porter or Peanut Butter Stout. You just need to travel to Lexington, Kentucky.

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Foodie Alert: Lakeside Restaurant

If you happen to be in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, you should definitely stop to have lunch at Lakeside Restaurant. There might not be a lake next to it (at least none that I saw) but it was delicious.

We came upon this restaurant after visiting Four Roses distillery and before we made our way to Wild Turkey. We had never heard of the place prior to coming there and found it, surprisingly enough, by GPS. I cannot thank Jill’s Australian-accented GPS enough for that find.

Mary's Lakeside Restaurant

It’s unsurprising that when we arrived the restaurant was fairly empty. It was around 2pm so most of the people had most likely had lunch and were on their way to bigger and better things. The emptiness didn’t necessarily deter me, but the decor definitely made me think that I might regret stopping in. I’m glad I was wrong.

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Travel Experience – Keeneland Horse Track

Keeneland Horse Tracks

There’s something exciting about being at a horse track early in the morning. The stadium is completely empty, a light fog covers the ground while the horses practice on the dirt track. In a matter of hours, the  stadium will be packed and the sound of thundering hooves and cheering will fill the area. But in the morning, the quiet stillness lends an air of anticipation. Some jockeys are practicing while others bathe their horses in the cold morning air.

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Travel Experience: Bourbon Trail Kentucky


Kentucky is Bourbon country. There are a ton of bourbon distilleries in the area. So much, in fact, that there are more bourbon barrels than there are people in the state. Some of the biggest names come from here. Why? Well it’s all thanks to the limestone water, hot summers and cold winters. The conditions are perfect for the creation of some of the best bourbon in the world. The Bourbon Trail will bring you to 7 different distilleries in the area, but there are a lot more. We were able to hit 6 of the 7 in two days. We could’ve made the 7 but we had no idea a new distillery had been added to the trail, so we didn’t get to schedule it in. Maybe next year.

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Travel Destination: Lexington, KY

Bourbon Whiskey Warehouse

One warehouse can store up to 20,000 barrels of Bourbon

I had a lot of people ask me why I was going down to Kentucky. In fact, I was starting to wonder that myself. Did I really want to go to a bunch of Bourbon distilleries in the course of two days. I had just learned that I didn’t get Columbus Day off so sadly we had to make the trip back on Sunday (a ten hour drive). I felt bad because I couldn’t drive so my friend, Jill, had to drive all the way down and back both days. That’s a lot of driving. For some reason, my travel never goes according to plan.

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Photo of the Day: Flowers of New York City

You wouldn’t think that New York City would be so full of different types of flowers, but at every turn I’m amazed at how much plant life there is. Around my apartment almost every restaurant have some form of potted plants and there’s even a small community garden. Nature and urban landscapes can co-exist as evidenced by this beautiful garden of flower vines twining through the bars of a window. Just noticing these small things have made me slow down on my walk home and try to discover the hidden beauty all around me. It’s not all pavement and celebrities around NYC you know!

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