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Mar 27, 2013 - Food    No Comments

Foodie Alert: Union Oyster House

The one thing that I was craving while I was down in Boston for Pax East was some chowder. Or as the Bostonians say  chowda. We tried the No Name Restaurant, which was rather disappointing in the seafood chowder department. It was a bit too oily and watery. One of our cab drivers then suggested the Union Oyster House. According to him it had the best chowder in Boston and, as a bonus, is also the oldest restaurant in the US. Now when we say oldest, this restaurant has been in the same place in continuous service since 1826. I can see why. The food was pretty good.

Union Oyster House

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Jan 14, 2013 - Food    No Comments

Foodie Alert: Skinny Legs Bar and Grill, St. John’s

After around 3 hours of hiking at the Reef Bay Trail, Jill and I were quite famished. Not surprising considering all we had for breakfast was some trail mix and water. We drove around, admiring the view and making sure that we didn’t hit any stray cows or goats as we made the practically 180 degree turns in the road. We reached Coral Bay and stopped at the first place that we came upon that also had parking – Skinny Legs.

Skinny Legs 2


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Dec 17, 2012 - Musings    No Comments

Foodie Alert: Fork in the Road at Country Boy Brewing

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Fork in the Road

Serious Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you’re looking for some delicious food to go along with the home-brewed beer at Country Boy Brewing, then look no further than their parking lot. A variety of food trucks stop there to feed the drunk masses, however our visit allowed us to taste delicious food from Fork in the Road. There you will find traditional fare with a twist and a good dose of butter. There’s nothing better than a hearty meal to go along with that Jalapeño Smoked Porter or Peanut Butter Stout. You just need to travel to Lexington, Kentucky.

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Dec 14, 2012 - Musings    No Comments

Foodie Alert: Lakeside Restaurant

If you happen to be in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, you should definitely stop to have lunch at Lakeside Restaurant. There might not be a lake next to it (at least none that I saw) but it was delicious.

We came upon this restaurant after visiting Four Roses distillery and before we made our way to Wild Turkey. We had never heard of the place prior to coming there and found it, surprisingly enough, by GPS. I cannot thank Jill’s Australian-accented GPS enough for that find.

Mary's Lakeside Restaurant

It’s unsurprising that when we arrived the restaurant was fairly empty. It was around 2pm so most of the people had most likely had lunch and were on their way to bigger and better things. The emptiness didn’t necessarily deter me, but the decor definitely made me think that I might regret stopping in. I’m glad I was wrong.

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Sep 13, 2012 - Food    No Comments

Foodie Alert: Cristina’s Cafe Strasburg, VA

On our previous planned trip to Pembroke Springs, we were going to stay their Friday, Saturday then leave on Sunday. I had forgotten the reason why we had planned that, until we remembered…Home-cooked dinner. Unfortunately, they only serve dinner on Fridays, though they did have a specialty chef cooking on that Sunday. Sadly, there was something called work to go to the next day so we couldn’t stay for the food.

Although we didn’t get to eat the home-cooked meal at Pembroke Springs, Lisa recommended a cute little place called Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, VA. Now, Strasburg is a very small town. So small they only have two traffic lights. Literally. But just because it’s a small town doesn’t mean that the food isn’t good. We arrived at kind of a weird time, 4pm. So it was a little too early for the dinner menu and too late for the breakfast menu. While the lunch menu was quite short, all of the options sounded tasty AND they were all flavor of the days. So we ordered the quiche, empanadas and soup of the day which turned out to be cream of potato and poblano soup, flan and creme brulee.

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