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Travel Experience: Top 6 Places to Drink in New Orleans

There are plenty of places to pop in for a drink, but not all bars are equal. While Bourbon street is probably synonymous with drinking, there are plenty of awesome bars that evehttp://rovingwanderer.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=166&action=edit&message=1ryone should experience simply for the history. Of course you can most likely wander in anywhere and grab a drink, but here is my top 6 list.

Pat O’Brien’s

There are actually 2 different Pat O’Brien’s but they all connect to each other through a beautiful backyard. It’s a huge place so you’ll more than likely run into some fun people. Pat O’Brien’s is allegedly the birthplace of the Hurricane, so you’ll have to get it when you’re there. I’m not really a huge fan of sweet drinks, so I didn’t really like the drink but I finished it. I just like the atmosphere and the fire fountain.

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Photo Journal: New Orleans

No travel experience is complete without taking a ton of photos. There’s definitely a lot that didn’t make the cut namely because of the blurry pictures but we definitely saw and went to a bunch of cool places. I believe that these pictures really capture the essence of New Orleans and its uniqueness. It really is like no other place in the US.

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Travel Experience: Frenchmen Street

There’s never a bad day to listen to music in New Orleans and they’ve got something for jazz or blues lovers. The most well-known music scene though is Frenchmen Street. Every venue you go to will have their lineup posted on the window so you can find band that suits your taste. Don’t like what’s playing at one place? Then there are plenty of other places to go to. Don’t like any of the places that night, try the next day. There’s literally live music every day of the week and, if you start feeling cramped, take a step outside and listen to the brass band performing on the corner.

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Travel Experience: Carousel Bar

One of the awesome things about New Orleans is that everyone is super friendly and no one cares if you ask weird, potentially inappropriate questions.

After listening to some awesome music at Frenchmen Street, Jill and I along with two other people, were debating where we wanted to go to next. We had already hit up a cool prohibition-era themed bar that had tap dancing and, of course, live music. Where to next? I had already experienced all I wanted of Bourbon Street the night before, so I was looking for something a little different The night was still young, so our tour guides took us to Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone.

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Travel Experience: Bourbon Street

When people think New Orleans, they think Mardi Gras and those 90s “Girls Gone Wild” movies. I was told that my first trip to New Orleans should NOT be during this time, and I’m glad that I went when I did. I can’t imagine what the streets must look like during Mardi Gras. It was already plenty packed during a normal weekend.

Yes, they got beads after

Back in the day, the whole girls flashing for beads was just a Mardi Gras thing, but somehow it happens year round now. I definitely saw some women flashing (top and bottom) for some beads. Doesn’t really make too much sense to me since you can just pick them up off the street. So, that’s what Jill and I did. We picked up beads off the street and then started heckling some guys to “show us their tits”. Most of the guys were pretty confused and probably felt like we were taking advantage of them…which we were. I found it hilarious. Hey, why not switch the roles?

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Travel Destination New Orleans: Crawfish, Oysters, Booze, Jazz

The Ol’ Mississippi

I don’t know why I seem like a good travel companion. Maybe it’s because of my laid-back attitude. Maybe it’s because I tend to do things spur of the moment. Either way, I’ve gotten asked twice to go down to New Orleans. Once was for the Jazz Festival. I really wanted to go. We were planning on renting out a bungalow in the French Quarters and I’d heard a lot of awesome stuff about New Orleans. It didn’t pan out though…too many people backed out last minute and the flight as well as the cost of rental was too much. Luckily I got another chance.

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