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Aug 14, 2012 - Musings    No Comments

Drinking Lesson: Hangover Flight A Horrible Idea

This is how I felt


Kim and I arrived at Station Guest House in Budapest on recommendation from several of our fellow romanian archaeologists. We were only staying for the night as our flight back to the states was early the next morning. From what we heard, it was cheap, fun and clean. That’s all we really needed.

The hostel itself isn’t really much to look at on the outside. Considering that we were only staying there for a night, we didn’t care too much so long as it had a bed. Turns out, we probably didn’t even need the bed. We arrived tired from the long train ride and sad to leave behind our friends. In the 2 weeks that we had stayed there, we had developed close relationships with everyone and it was kind of a bummer that we weren’t going to stay for the full 5 weeks (later on we heard that we left at a good time since the remaining weeks were mostly rained out). We were greeted by a dog, a man who looked like a retired Hell’s Angel and a bunch of young, broke travelers just like us. Our spirits were lifted. Our spirits were lifted even more when we saw that they had a 24-hour bar and a free pool table.

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Aug 10, 2012 - Musings    2 Comments

A Brief Archaeology/History/Biology Lesson from Romania

Aside from drinking copious amounts of beer and finding the little trench kitty, Tisca, we actually found some things of archaeological importance at our dig sites. We were looking for the temple area and the fortified acropolis. We eventually found one of the walls  that surrounded the fortress in my trench – Trench 4.

It might not look like much, but this is the site where we found the wall of the Dacian Fortress

The fortress was pretty much the last holding spot of the Dacians and where the Dacians took their last stand against the Roman expansion. While eventually the Romans overwhelmed the Dacians with numbers, the Dacians put up a pretty good fight due to their strategic location (the fortress was on top of an incredibly steep hill, which we had to climb daily) and their will to remain independent. We found the outer wall (or was it the inner wall?) of the fortress that showed signs of being burnt. Makes sense since the entire village of Tilisca was burned to the ground by the Romans. While during the 2006 excavation we didn’t find the temple or the minting building, the wall area was a huge find. We also found ceramic shards, spear points, knife points and lots of brick.

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Aug 9, 2012 - Musings    3 Comments

Drinking Lesson: On Why I Will Never Touch Ţuică Again

“Do you want to try homemade Romanian liquor? It’ll only cost you $25 for a 3 liter bottle.” Oh what tempting words. Who could say no to tasting the regional liquor? Certainly not I. I mean I certainly wasn’t going to put down the money. I had already spent a crap load on groceries for the camping/archaeology trip. Luckily there were plenty of other people willing to drop the money for the experience, meaning I could mooch off them.

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Travel Destination Romania: Gypsies, Tuna and Port-a-Pottys

The 2006 archaeology field crew in Tilisca


“So where are you going?”



If I had said that I was going to Germany or France I would have received the standard “Oh I’m so jealous” comments. But for Romania, most people were just confused. Maybe it’s because they didn’t know where Romania was or why I would possibly want to go to an Eastern European country.

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