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Jul 25, 2012 - Musings    No Comments

Roving Wanderer Welcome

Hello! Welcome to Roving Wanderer. I hope that you can stay your little feet for a couple minutes to enjoy the various adventures, sights, sounds and food that I’ve discovered on my various trips at my home in New York City as well as elsewhere. I understand the need to travel and keep going, yes even on the internetz, but I can only hope that this is a place that you will keep coming back to, just like your favorite restaurant or city.

I am a lover of travel. As of now, I have traveled to around 5 countries and several states within the US. Most of my adventures range from trying to find the local hangouts to doing the tourist-y stuff. Everywhere I go, I hope to find delicious food and meet amazing people. I hope that this little blog will highlight some amazing differences and similarities each place holds.